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A Network

Hope for Families(Women of Hope)

We come from different communities and our motto "first change then others will change".

Women of Hope is a network(Families of Hope) of single mothers, living with Hiv and those affected with Hiv coming from different communities and a ministry of DHM. These are groups of single mothers(Families) with hope to transform their communities and families. It is started in 2008 and founded by Judith Kiwanuka and it is her heart for the single mothers and children.Fred and Judith have served with YWAM for the last 10 years in various areas.Now they have started a new ministry(DHM) and women of hope has relocated its' services and offices with DHM.


The first women group was started in a community,one of the Village we lived before and also now Judith has started another group in a Njeru community,we are living now.The first group is over 100 women and the other in Njeru is now over 60 women since they started meeting together(Jan,2012).This started as Home fellowships at our house(House of Grace)and it has given birth to the women groups in different communities. We have started other groups in different communities,it is now 6 groups all together(at this time May 2013).


• To have a transformed community through God Loving women who are living according to Gods purposes.


• Changing the women into positive influences in the community


To creating hope to those who are sick and/or widowed from HIV/AIDS.

•       To work with children as they grow into future leaders.

•       To provide food and shelter for those who are in need.

•       To work with families and encouraging them to work.


What we do!

•       Intercession and prayer

•       Counseling and parenting classes

•      Music and Drama

•       Learning skills and hand craftwork together

•       Caring for sick and old people

•       Working together and doing projects

•       Caring for mothers and children with HIV

•       Matt. 25:35, 40 “…I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in….”

•       The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”


See more about the first women group party of the new group at the upcoming events page!on 6th of August the third group of Women of Hope starts.

Praise report:-we are working in moslem community and It was about 60 women,who came to the meeting for the first time in the new women's group(Women of Hope,Butema).


         For more information about the Women Ministry

         You can contact:- Co-ordinator

         Judith Kiwanuka (a mother to many!)



Support a widow

Do you want to help a widow?You can help with $18 per month.

This will be a big blessings with the domenstic support.

Also you can help with $20 per month for a widow have training in handskills.

This will help her to support her family in the future.

You are most welcome for the prayer and physical support.

Do you want to give now? Click here 


                                                                                                            May God Bless You!

See the contact page and send us an email:We would like to keep in communication with you.

Women Christmas Party

the party is on and all the month of November 20014,over 600 women in 6 different communities

come together and give thanks to God as they end the year.

Look out for more details and your support will be so great and important.


The Book about the faithfulness of God in Women of Hope,

coming soon.Look out for the Book!

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