Divine Holistic Ministries

"Bringing hope to the orphans and widows!" Love and Compassion



 Activities; (strategies)

Developing Divine Training Center(DTC)

We are setting up a Model Center - Sparrow's Home of Hope,a home for orphans and widows.

The first phase of a small house is almost done,we do trust God money for the complex house.It will take about 50 people.we hope to have;

          Vocational training (Life skills) and Hands on,Self help projects. (IGP's)

          Agriculture - Crops

          Animal keeping - Cows,Pigs and many other projects.


     Hotel - Guest House (get-together hotel) - Sustainability

     Garage (workshop)

     Church Ministry

Church to church partnership,equipping and transforming society.

Creating home fellowships.

Church planting.


 Evangelical training(Sharing the Gospel)


  • School ministry
  • Evangelism and teaching in schools and in the communities. About personal control and prevention, talk about AIDS and the effect of sex, fear of God.To bring hope where there is no hope.
  • Film shows and Outreaches
  • Child development program (Child Sponsorship
  • This program is helping to meet the real needs of the needy children.So far 100 children are enrolled on this program and we hope to have more and see them,the next generation leaders.
  •                                                                               "together we build the kingdom of God!"
  • Women of Hope(Women Ministry - a network):-Women groups who are affected and infected with Aids/Hiv (together we can stop the Aids/Hiv).Hiv Fellowship Group,meeting together and sharing,support,encouraging one another.
  • Youth Ministry:- Youth club (Discovering the potential and releasing the potential!)using the gifts and talents in sports.


-Mercy ministry;-feeds the needy through relief and Love.

Supporting the elderly people and the poor with food and other household needs.


                                                                     Mosquito Nets                                         Sports and Games

Our heart is to see:-

-Vocational training skills to the youth and single mothers who can not go back to school.

-Working with Christians and non-Christians, local churches, to empower the community for the ownership of the activities.

- Reconciliation and Restoration. (Rebuilding relationship and hope in the community)

-Leadership training to promote awareness and accountability purposes.

-Proved with appropriate methods and technology in Agriculture farming and other services for good and sustainability.

Volunteering - Global Mission Care Center (GMCC)

We do organize short and long term outreaches,do you like to be part of what God is doing.In building His Kingdom,you are welcome to be part.

Write and let us know so that we can arrange for you.

You can become part and a member of DHM, today!

Participant with your monthly support, contribution of $20 to the ministry and it will be a blessing to an orphan or a widow out there!

Do you want to give now? Click here

We are grateful with what God is doing through you!




Administration: -

                                                              Before and Now!


We are setting up a fully function office for the ministry and you are welcome

to give and support with the work.If you have a heart to work in the office,

you are most welcome to work  with us.See the prayer needs for the

office materials.Your prayer support is great too,



Sparrow's Home of Hope: -

There is Hope!We are putting up  a training center(Sparrow's Home of Hope(SHoH)),you can join us

with your support.For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before.'says the Lord.

Some of the activities have not yet taken on,because of the funds.You can support,any activity from your

heart.Now a widow with her 3 children are living there!

For more information,on the details.You can write to us,visit the contact page.

Thanks so much and enjoy the rest of the pages.

You can send us an email.Blessings and Love


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