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JOSEPH’s Story

 Am 11 years old and now have a bright future through DHM providing with school fees, school requirements after I had lost both parents who died of HIV/AIDS which is a bigger challenge in Africa.Now staying with the grandmother who also happens to be sick too with the sickness. I hope to become a doctor in future and also help people who are sick, treating the children and the old. I am in Primary Five (P.5) and have 2 sisters, no brother. My grandmother is a single mother who depends on agriculture as a source of living.

SARAH’s Story

I am in primary One (P.1), age 10 years old staying with grandmother and for a long time I have been out of school because of lack of funds, being sick, poverty in the family. I lost my mother as a result of HIV/AIDS and the father went missing, the reason is still unknown but because of stigma and rejection in the community/family, it is hard. I do have no brother no sister, am happy of the DHM program and now work so hard to become a doctor in future and also help many people who need help. Now continue to see life after such a long time at home. My grandmother does tailoring work as a source of living.

DOREEN’s Story

My father was killed and our family came from Rwanda with all that happened in the country, it was so bad and many people lost hope. Mum died of HIV/AIDS. Now am living with the aunt and in future I hope to become a teacher, I want to help other children. My dream will come to pass, now with the help of school fees, school requirements provided by DHM. Am 11years old, in primary Three (P.3) and having 2 sisters and no brother, my aunt is a market vender as a source of living for the family.

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Participant with your monthly support, contribution of $20 to the ministry and it will be a blessing to an orphan or a widow out there!

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Now the ministry is having 55 orphans on the program.


Womens' Group


I am Nassuuna Stella age of 35 years, a residence of kizungu zone (Mbiko).I am a widow my husband the late Mugabi Benjamin died of HIV/AIDS on 7th/2/2008 in Jinja main hospital.

He left me with 3 children the first one is Nambatya Bridget 15 years old, she is in senior two. The second one is Bukusubwa Alex 12 years old. He is also in primary seven and the last one is called Mugabi Kirunda Benjamin in nursery.

Some of the challenge, I have since the death of my husband is to provide for the basic needs of the family because I used to depend on my husband for the provision of the family needs. Most especially paying school fees for the children as I have no job and I find myself failing.

But now since I joined the women group, I have hope that I will be able to learn more and do better as time goes ,i used to spend my time indoors as I feel bad of myself since my husband died. Am learning a lot to depend on God and also how we can support each other when we come and work together, I feel encouraged and am happy of the group and ministry for the great work done in our community.

Rehema Nakwanga

I come from Moslem background and we were living together with my family. My husband died in car accident, then after the death of my husband, I was prosute, so that I can find money to feed my children. I have five children and the biggest challenges are finding food and also pay house rent. Sometime we go without food with the children and it is so hard for me and the children.

I thank God for the ministry, the way it is helping us to know that God loves and cares for us, also for their support to me and the family. I would be alone in the house and talk to no one because I would feel so bad about myself .I would not share with people, what I was going through even at one time I wanted to kill myself but now I have friends to talk too and they understand me.

The ministry is helping me with one child with scholastic materials and fees still have more you need the help to go to school but God is good.

Sparrow's Home of Hope(SHOH)


Now a widow with her 3 children are living there and so happy with the support,help.What a blessings to her and children.Thanks to God for the provision!

Praise Report:

We are happy to inform you that we have now a cow keeping project at SHOH!Praise the Lord.


the cow project,now we do have a calf at Sparrow's Home of Hope.

Starting vocational training school soon,now we do have 5 sewing machines.Praise Jesus for the provision.

The ministry is able to share the word of God in different communities with different people groups,we thank God for that!

Two widows are supported to have an operation,thank God the first one went well and we do pray for the second widow's operation.

this coming thursday on 15st Nov,the operation will be done.so prayer for that time!

Praise report: The operation was done sucessfully.


19th Nov 2012,she is out of the hospital.Discharged

The third person going to be operated by the help of the ministry,she is a young girl of 13 years old from one of the widow

from women of hope.This year Jan 2013,we thank God for the provision.


Praise the Lord!the operation was done successfully on the 31st Jan,2013.thanks to all,who gave,prayers and God Bless you all.

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Divine Home of Hope

Divine Home of Hope(DHOH)

We do thank God for the provision of DHOH,which will help with offices,staff accomodation and

also keep 10 children who are hopelessness.


The Home has now 3 children,two boys and one girl.



Praise the Lord!we do have a vocational training school (VTS) now, with 10 ladies.Pray for 
God's provision as we do need monthly support and tailoring machines as we do plan to 
each lady at the end of the school to start the business.
The training is one year period,ending August 2014.

This year 2015 the school is on with 20 students all ladies from WOH

Also the computer class is on with 15 students both male and female.
learning from one computer which is more difficult,we need computers.