Divine Holistic Ministries

"Bringing hope to the orphans and widows!" Love and Compassion

Prayer Needs

1:We need Gods'wisdom as we running of the ministry.

2:Need for the staff members/people with both long and short terms(volunteers).

3:4:Need for 4 Computers Costing $4000 and a good Video Camera for the ministry costing $2500.

5:Need for upgrading the sound system for the outreaches ministries and Church Costing $3500.

6:Need for the ministry accommodation/Kitchen construction as the ministry now has Land.

7:Pray for God's provision for the needy and orphans,school fees and other requirements.

You can support one child with $20 per month. Building of Pre-School is another need.

8:We are setting up a Model Training and Home Center(Sparrow's Home of Hope).


                                                              The first phase of a small is house is done,we

Need of $63000,to build the complex block and put everything needed to start to run.

9.Pray for the Divine Fellowship Church in Njeru and Butema.God's wisdom and provision!

10.Pray for Divine Home of Hope as now we do have three children living there!

You can take on one child for his/her future life by educating this child.

Thanks so much for the support and for your prayers to us.

God Bless and Keep You

"You can become part and a member of DHM, today!"

Participant with your monthly support, contribution of $20 to the ministry and it will be a blessing to an orphan or a widow out there!

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We are grateful with what God is doing through you!

there is hope in the Lord!


Mission Teams-Volunteers

We welcome individuals and groups

We do need also mission teams both short and Long term to volunteer.

You are most welcome to join us,here in Uganda and be part of what God is doing.

DHM a Global Mission Care Center

Transformation begins with you!

"together we build the kingdom of God"

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